I asked one simple question of my followers on Twitter, and got 20 responses.  Here are their answers.

twitter benefit question

JoeManna: The people I have conversations with.

acraKA: Relationship buildingtwitter_benefit

alliemiami: Making great business connections is simple I start a conversation with someone of interest & it takes off

joewaters: The strength of weak ties.

econwriter5: Useful exchange of info

twitter_benefitdmeiselman: An easy way to connect with new people that share an interest. Twitter lets me start relationships I would not have otherwise.

cargillcreative: Learning from others and making new connections…those are two ways I’ve benefited from using Twitter.

JoeCascio: I get connected to smart, friendly, creative people. I make friends. I don’t have to listen to asshats. Does one need more?

Dawn_Migliore: Getting news before it breaks and great links on twitter_benefittopics you’re interested in

LevelTen_Colin:  Networking, hands down.

michaelflint: Reach and search.

jensjewellery: Publicity for my Etsy store.

abarcelos: Definitely for two-way valuable interaction, both personally and professionally.

twitter_benefitfairminder: Meeting new friends, maintaining friendships and finding clients and colleagues to complete client projects, all on Twitter

rsomers: A radio-like stream of ideas in the background as I work

melwebster: Links to interesting stuff and a good laugh at all of the blatant self-promotion

Notice, not one person said to “find out what people are eating for lunch” (a big misperception of Twitter!).

What are your thoughts on this?  Anything to add to the list?

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    • http://www.davidmeiselman.com David Meiselman

      Cool idea for a post!

      Interesting that many more people cited networking/conversations than the stream of content to which they are exposed. Do you think that's self-fulfilling from the nature of your followers who responded?

    • reallyleila

      I agree on most of these, the reason I predominantly use Twitter is to see other people's views on topics that interest me.

    • http://www.rachel-levy.com Rachel Levy

      I noticed that too (should have added that in the post), but I agree it's
      missing. Could be a self-selected group.

    • http://twitter.com/ashkalei ashley

      That last part about “find out what people are eating for lunch” is the argument that runs rampant in my office. Oh the barriers! :)

    • http://www.rachel-levy.com Rachel Levy

      But no one mentioned it! :-)

    • http://www.PublicityHound.net Joan Stewart

      To spy on my competitors. I know what conferences they're attending, how many followers they have, what new products they're creating, and tons of other useful information I'd have no other way of knowing.

    • http://www.rachel-levy.com Rachel Levy

      VERY true. Thanks for the comment.