This week, I attended one of the best webinars I’ve attended in a long time… “60 Landing Pages in 60 Minutes” by Billy MacDonald and Mark Kilens at HubSpot. The webinar was fast paced, and provided a lot of GREAT info, by live reviewing and critiquing 60 landing pages. Below are my tweets of the tips I picked up during the webinar.

  • Reduce image on page so it’s not distracting
  • Good idea to include photos of people leading your webinar on the landing page
  • Less is More!
  • Trust symbols are key to increasing conversion rate (Better Business, A+, etc)
  • A landing page without branding elements is like wearing old clothes to a job interview. (RT of @admom1)
  • Instructor bio helps with credibility on landing page. But don’t include links… distracting
  • IF you have a “personalized” or “custom” offer, say that for sure on your landing page… people like that
  • Dropdown boxes are better than checkboxes or radiodials, as those make the form seem longer
  • Use the form on your landing page as an opportunity to ask a business relevant question to our audience (RT of @AdamLaFever)
  • If you have more than one piece of content to offer, have a SEPARATE landing page for each.
  • Don’t forget to have branding elements on your landing page!
  • Include Facebook Like and Tweet button on your landing page so people will share it!
  • Need call to action AND “what’s in it for me” — why would I want to download this, or watch webinar?
  • White text on background is tough to read (agree!) – instead, grey background with black text
  • Headline shouldn’t be a question… use the action verb instead
  • Keep your sales pitch on the Thank You page, not on the landing page
  • Remove all links from landing pages, except if it’s the call to action button
  • If you DO have links unrelated to your call to action, have the links open in new tab/window
  • Have a Thank You page following your landing page. You can have more calls to action on those pages
  • Don’t forget to mention the offer in the Headline!! (whitepaper, webinar, etc)
  • Form is best on left, so it stands out
  • “Blink test” – 5-10 seconds have for someone to understand what the page is about
  • Bolding matters
  • Good idea to do optional questions… i.e. Biggest Challenge
  • Whitespace is good on landing pages — draws your eye to important parts
  • Have at least one image in each landing page… should be simple, and include a caption
  • Can even have action words on your “contact us page” — “train in 8 months…” — gets people thinking
  • Put your form on the left side, to ensure it doesn’t get cut off on smaller screens
  • Great idea to have a video sneak preview on the landing page
  • Bold your buzzwords on the landing page
  • Each landing page should have 3-5 bullets of what’s in it for me and compelling value
  • All headlines on the landing page should include a good action verb
  • “Top of the Funnel” forms should only have 2-4 fields in the form
  • Entire landing page should be above the fold — don’t make people scroll down
  • Good idea to include testimonials and credibility (awards, etc) on landing pages
  • “Going Naked” – no navigation or other links on your landing pages, so people aren’t distracted
  • Have offer in your headline on the page
  • Good to add opt-in for your email list; make your “submit” button action oriented

Here’s a link to the slides they presented and a recording of the original webinar.

Do you have any other tips to create a successful landing page?  Please share them in the comments below!

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    • Fawn

      Re: ““Blink test” – 5-10 seconds have for someone to understand what the page is about”, check out .

      • Rachel Levy

        Thanks Fawn! I’ll check it out.

    • Shashank Nigam

      Brilliant summary! Would be great if you somehow included screenshots of the landing pages too… or is there a link to view the webinar on demand?

      • Rachel Levy

        Thanks! Here’s a link to the slides they
        a recording
        of the original

    • wildman

      Those pages are ugly, looks like design work from the late 90’s.