This is my first Blog EVER. I never thought I would actually have a blog, nor be writing about being unemployed for 5 months! Anyway, I have my friend Josh Fialkoff to thank for helping me set up my new website in one night. Thanks Josh! (Check out his site on online marketing, Getting Things Done and WordPress)

Anyway, today’s topic is about babysitting. I will need to backtrack at some point to explain how I got to where I am now, but for now, I’m just going to do a quick overview. I got laid off from my job as the Director of Marketing at the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston in July. I have been looking hard for a job since then, with no luck. I really treat my job search like a full time job. Obviously given the dismal state of the economy, the fact that I am bringing in no money, and that I have a HUGE mortgage to pay on my own, I started thinking about other ways to make some money.

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