RSS feeds are one of my favorite online tools, and I’m finding that most people don’t know what they are or how they can be used. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication… so, does that help?  Probably not :-)  Let me explain with an analogy about mail delivery.

You’ve Got Mail

Every day, the mailman* collects mail from everyone sending you mail, and delivers it to your home.  What if there were no mailman or post office?  Well, that would mean you’d need to go to each person’s house and pick up your mail and bring it home.  And since you have no way of knowing if someone has mail for you, you waste a lot of time stopping by everyone’s house just to see if you have mail.

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I am a pretty organized person.  I also tend to be very efficient with computer — I’m always looking for the faster way to do things. Applying these qualities to my job search, I have perfected my process, and thought I’d share my “Top 8 tips for automating your job search”:

1. Tracking job applications

It is really important to track what jobs you have applied for.  The three most important reasons that come to my head are: a) If you are contacted about a job, you will easily know where you originally found the job so can find the job description again, b) You may see the same job listed week after week, so it’s easy to go back to your list and see if you have applied for the job already, and c) Many headhunters will want to know if you have submitted your resume to a company they want to present you for.

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